Workplace Assessments

A Workplace Assessment is an analysis of the physical, cognitive, psychological and environmental demands of a job or work task. It can be used to determine a worker’s capacity to safely return to work following injury or illness and/or to determine the availability of suitable duties.

A Workplace Assessment can also be used for injury prevention as it enables the identification of risk factors and provides recommendations such as workplace modifications, job redesign, equipment/tools or PPE.

A Workplace Assessment is recommended for workers returning to work following injury or illness, to ensure a safe working environment and to enable barriers to be addressed, for a safe and durable return to work.

Benefits of Workplace Assessments

Workplace Assessments:

  • Assist employers to provide safe workplaces
  • Facilitate productive working environments.
  • Help to reduce Workers Compensation costs by preventing workplace injuries and accidents.
  • Ensure a fit between workers and tasks.
  • Provide a comprehensive list of tasks required of a specific work role, detailing the critical physical demands of the tasks.
  • Provide treating professionals with a clear understanding of the role of the worker.

AIP has extensive experience in conducting workplace assessments with organisations of various size and industry type. Our repeat business is testimony to our professional, friendly, customised and cost-effective service.

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